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We find ourselves in difficult times. The coronavirus has drastically changed our day-to-day life. Less than two weeks after opening our café at Eigerplatz, we've already had to (temporarily) close it again. Reason enough, to throw everything we've got into our online store to cover part of the costs we have. We've taken the following measures in regards to the coronavirus:

  • Online store open: The online store is still open to provide you with coffee. Every order, small or big, helps us!
  • Vouchers available: We've started selling vouchers in our online store. They're valid online as well as in the café (once it'll be open again). By buying vouchers, you're paying today for the products or services you'll be getting later and help us to earn some money now that we need it.
  • Orders shipped daily: For coffee and most other articles, we usually guarantee an availability of 3-5 business days and we roast 1-2x per week. We know you can/should hardly leave the house anymore and have adapted our shipping times accordingly so you won't have to wait for your coffee. We now roast multiple days a week and ship your orders daily – within and around the city by bicycle messenger whenever possible.
  • More articles: Many people don't have the necessary equipment to brew good coffee at home and usually enjoy their coffee at a café instead. Since this is currently not possible, we've added more equipment to our online store in order to have the right equipment for each and every one of you to brew delicious coffee at home.

We wish you all the best and the necessary perseverance – stay safe and at home!