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The New Eigerplatz – Our Hood

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Unser Quartier

It's almost been a year since we have settled at Belpstrasse. We felt welcome right from the beginning. Our next-door neighbor, the Chinese restaurant Tien Tien, welcomed us very well in the building and we are happy to have such a good neighbor. Of course, we have also tried many of their tasty Chinese dishes.

Though it certainly hasn't been easy for our neighbors to deal with the Corona situation, either, the neighborhood seems to be in peace. Of course, there's always a certain competitive situation, however, the attitude in the neighborhood is much more set for collaboration than competition. We have repeatedly been made aware of common efforts to improve the neighborhood together, for example with events in the little park. We hope, such initiatives can be moved forward together.

The area around Eigerplatz is a great mix of residents and commuters, office workers and Bern Mobil drivers, embassy visitors and employees and visitors of the local drug assistance office, who often come by for a chat despite their difficult situations. And then, there are people who mention they found us on social media or the café has been recommended to them by a friend, which obviously makes us very happy. There aren't that many tourists now, but last summer we were happy to welcome some tourists, too. The variety of people coming by is fantastic and we are looking forward to many interesting encounters!

Our Neighbours

Eigerplatz has developed tremendeously in the last few years. In our neighbourhood there are a lot of things to discover, which we want to provide in this shortlist (happy to add further businesses if you drop us a message):

Tien Tien – Chinese specialities

Trallala – our favorite store for natural wines

Simpel – everything you need, including lunch

Hairness Coiffeur – super friendly and stylish

Häxebäse – everything for your (zoom) costume party

Da Nino – favorite pizza

Eiger – simple cuisine in a new style

Flowerpoint – flowers for the mood

Bikeline – passion for bikes