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Filter Coffee Subscription

Filter Coffee Subscription

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Commit to the Drip! Never run out of coffee again at home or at the office. Join the club now and receive a changing, selected filter roast delivered to your door every month.

We change the coffee every month to make sure you won't be bored. Join until the 25th of each month to start receiving coffee the following month!

  • freshly roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep every month
  • monthly or yearly payment by credit card, Paypal or invoice
  • pausing and adjusting the subscription is possible
  • ships the first Tuesday/Wednesday of every month

You can find brew recommendations for each coffee in our online store and we also created a more general set of Brew Guides for various brewing methods.

Are you not into filter coffee, but looking for a coffee subscription to use with your espresso machine? Check out our Espresso Subscription and our Espresso Brazil Subscription if this sounds more like you!

Yearly Payment:

Choose a yearly payment if you want to get the payment done once a year and benefit from an additional discount.

  • subscription discount of more than 10% plus one month for free each year
  • equals a total discount of about 20%
  • no monthly invoices or payments
  • reminder before the subscription is renewed for another year
  • pause your subscription for up to 12 months
  • address changes possible
  • monthly shipping confirmation along with information about the coffees

Monthly Payment:

Choose a monthly payment if you prefer to split the costs over the months and for more flexibility to change your subscription.

  • subscription discount of more than 10%
  • monthly credit card payment or QR invoice

  • pause your subscription for up to 12 months
  • address changes possible

  • monthly shipping confirmation along with information about the coffees


Shipping costs: All prices include shipping costs for the monthly delivery of the selected amount of coffee.

Period: The subscription renews automatically. If you choose a monthly payment, the minimum period is one month, for a yearly payment it is one year. Subscriptions that have already been invoiced or paid (monthly or yearly) will not be refunded. Cancelling your subscription on time is necessary in order for future payments/invoices to be discontinued.

Payment: Payment for the first payment period (one month or one year) is done when you subscribe right here in our online store. For each additional period, we either charge your credit card, if you choose to pay with credit card, or you will receive a Paypal payment link or a QR invoice (if your initial payment was made with Twint) by email.

Pause: You can pause your subscription whenever you want for a period of 1-12 months and payments will be paused, too. For yearly payments, the date for your next payment is postponed accordingly.

Termination: Your subscription renews automatically as long as you don't cancel it. With a monthly payment, you always pay for the next month, which means you have to cancel one month ahead before the 25th of a month. Example: cancellation before May 25, last coffee delivery beginning of June. With a yearly payment, a cancellation on time takes effect after the period which you have already paid for or been invoiced for. Subscriptions that have already been invoiced or paid (monthly or yearly) will not be refunded.

Changes: Address changes are possible until the 25th of each month for the shipping period of the following month. If the provided address is invalid and your coffee is sent back to us, you will be charged for the return shipping as well as shipping to a new address.

If you want to change, pause or cancel your subscription or if you have any questions or concerns, get in touch via Any changes, pauses or cancellations are only valid, if you receive a confirmation from us.

Note for Twint payments: Paying for your subscription with Twint is only partially available due to technical reasons. You can make the initial payment in our online store with Twint, but all following payments will have to be paid via QR invoice – or you can change the payment method to credit card or Paypal.

Note for international customers: Our subscription is only available for purchase online with a delivery address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. If you live in a different country and want to subscribe, get in touch and we will create an individual offer for you incl. shipping costs.

More than two bags per month?

Are you looking for a subscription of more than two bags of filter coffee per month? Get in touch! Though our standard filter subscription is limited to this amount, we are happy to create an individual offer with an additional discount for you.

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