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Bolivia Chijchipani [Espresso] 250g

Farm:Bio Arabica R.L.
Altitude:1100-1750 masl
Variety:Caturra, Catuai Rojo, Mundo Novo
Aroma Profile:Peanut, caramel, chamomile
Roasted for:Espresso
Brewing:Brew ratio 1:2.3, extraction time 31s  

CHF 12.50
incl. VAT
Article Nr CO-BOLES-01-250
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The Bolivia Chijchipani comes from the cooperative Bio Arabica R.L. Caranavi. Investment in necessary infrastructure is often out of reach for farmers in the this region. Thus, the processing is mostly done in centralized washing stations. Bolivian coffee is known for its classic taste and rather bright acidity, slightly fruity and earthy flavours. The Chijchipani coffee was produced organically and under fair-trade conditions.

Coffee is in fierce competition with the cola leaf in the region. Since it generates up to six harvests per year, it offers attractive revenue opportunities. Therefore, it requires resilience to remain loyal to the coffee plant. And also fair prices which cover not only operating cost but also long term investments farmers need to undertake if they want to remain competitive. The enthusiasm that is being generated by this is not smaller, however. The farmers of the Bio Arabica R.L. test and experiment with new coffee varieties and grow plants from the crop. This leads to all around desired impacts, positive feedback and increased revenue.

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