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Brazil Santa Clara [Espresso] 250g


100% · Fairtrade Minimum
59% · Quality Bonus
We paid an FOB of $2.55/lb for this coffee, which is 159% of the Fairtrade minimum price.
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Brazil Santa Clara [Espresso] 250g

Country:Brazil, Minas Gerais
Farm:Fazenda Santa Clara
Producer:Paulo Afonso de Resende
Altitude:1060-1090 masl
Variety:Yellow Catucaí
Flavor profile:

Caramel, hazelnut, chocolate

Roasted for:Espresso

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At a very young age, Paulo Afonso de Resende witnessed the production of coffee, when he was observing his father working in the fields in order to provide for the family. After a long and successful journey as an engineer, Paulo Afonso purchased Fazenda Santa Clara and thus fulfilled a dream. He started a new chapter as a coffee grower, leading him back to his childhood memories.

He started planting his first plots, but without much prior knowledge in agriculture, the support of agronomists, other experts as well as his employees was crucial. Without good teamwork and organization, his endeavor would not have been possible. Fazenda Santa Clara is now well-recognized for the quality of the coffees produced.

The green coffee reaches us by way of Sancoffee, a collective of coffee growers in the region focusing on supporting growers to produce high-quality coffee in a consistent and responsible way.

This beautiful espresso entails strong nutty and chocolaty aromas. It is not the most spectacular or adventurous of all coffees, its strengths are much rather its balance, sweetness and pleasant mouthfeel. These make it the ideal single-farm everyday coffee.

Brewing Recommendation

Brew ratio 1:2.5
Coffee: 18.5g in / 46g out
extraction time 26s

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