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Bolivia Chijchipani [Filter] 250g


100% · Fairtrade Minimum
103% · Quality Bonus
We paid an FOB of $3.24/lb for this coffee, which is 203% of the Fairtrade minimum price.
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Bolivia Chijchipani [Filter] 250g

Bolivia, Caranavi
Bio Arabica R.L.
Bio Arabica R.L.
1100-1750 masl
Caturra, Red Catuai, Mundo Novo
Flavor profile:
Nougat, almond, green grape
Roasted for:
Filter, Espresso

CHF 14.50
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This Bolivian coffee is processed by the cooperative Bio Arabica R.L. in the Caranavi region. This is already the fourth harvest in a row that we bought from this cooperative. It is not easy for the producers in the region to come up with the necessary financial means to invest in the equipment necessary for processing the coffee they harvest. Many of these producers only harvest small quantities and it therefore does not make sense for them to process their coffee separately. For these reasons, the processing is mostly done in centralized washing stations.

The co-op unites 45 mostly young producers – the average age of the producers is around 30 years. They mainly grow coffee, but also some fruit. Elías and the other members are committed to conserving biodiversity. They contribute to reforestation by planting trees, which nurture the soil and also provide shade for the coffee trees. This coffee was produced organically and under fair-trade conditions.

A lot of farmers in the region prefer to grow the coca leaf instead of coffee. This is an issue for the coffee production. The coca leaf can be harvested up to six times a year and offers attractive revenue opportunities. It therefore takes a lot for a coffee producer to remain loyal to coffee production. But it is also necessary that a fair price is being paid to them in order for them not only to cover the day-to-day costs but also necessary investments.

The producers of the Bio Arabica R.L. test and experiment with new coffee varieties and they constantly plant new trees. This, in combination with their ever growing  experience, leads to improved quality and bigger harvests.

Chijchipani is slightly fruity, a little earthy, with pronounced notes of nougat, almond and green grape. Compare with many of our other coffees, this one has a somewhat lower perceived acidity.

Brewing Recommendation

We recommend to let this coffee sit for about two weeks before brewing, more so than many other coffees. We prefer to grind it medium coarse, e.g. 19 clicks on the Comandante, and brew it with a cone-shaped filter, such as Origami or Hario to allow for a bit more acidity.

We keep turbulence low and choose a recipe with more pours with smaller amounts per pour, in order to achieve a clear result. For example like this:

18g coffee, 300g water at 93°c, Hario paper filter 02, Origami Dripper M

00:00 Pour 50g of water, stir slightly with spoon
00:30 pour another 100g
00:55 pour another 50g
01:10 pour another 50g
01:30 pour another 50g
01:45 swirl lightly

Extraction time: around 2:50

Our coffee is also available in three different subscriptions: Filter Subscription, Espresso Subscription, Espresso Brazil Subscription.

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