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Colombia El Diviso 180 [Espresso] 250g


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Colombia El Diviso 180 [Espresso] 250g

Last batch, roast date: 07.02.2023
Country:Colombia, Huila
Bruselas, Pitalito
Farm:El Diviso

Nestor Neffer Lasso Zuñiga

Altitude:1750 masl
Variety:Pink Bourbon

Natural, anaerobic fermentation

Flavor profile:

Passion fruit, dried apricot, green apple

Roasted for:Espresso

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Our first coffee from the famous coffee cultivation region Huila, Colombia, is a combination of tropical, fruity flavors and strongly fermented notes, making it one of the most spectacular coffees in our offer.

Finca El Diviso was established in the late nineties and was run by José Uribe. When his sons Nestor and Adrian took over the farm, they introduced some new varieties and started to experiment with different processing methods, such as anaerobic fermentation. The name of the farm originates from the Spanish verb «divisar», which can be translated to «spot, discover, make out». It is also an old word used for scouting the fields in the distance.

This funky coffee undergoes a very special fermentation process that is, to a large extent, responsible for its spectacular flavors.

The hand-picked cherries are put into bags of 50 kg each, which are sealed and stored at cold temperatures of 12-16°c for about 48 hours. During this time, an anaerobic fermentation takes place. Next, the coffee is transferred to big tanks and fermented at much higher temperatures of 35-40°c for another 16-20 hours, before Nestor and his team add water to those tanks. Throughout the next days (90 to 110 hours), the coffee is kept at 40°c and finally removed from the tanks and dried on a greenhouse-like construction for 26-35 days. The total fermentation time is up to 180 hours, hence the name El Diviso 180.

This coffee is an explosion of flavors in the mouth! The intense, strongly fermented fruit note makes us think of passion fruit or pineapple. Its acidity reminds us of green apple and – in combination with its sweetness – of dried apricots. All this combined, along with a rich and heavy body, make drinking this a real experience.

The process of this lot was specifically designed for Cata Café Exports, through whom we were able to purchase this coffee. This green coffee was used by top-ranking Brewers Cup competitions and winners in various countries.

Brewing Recommendation

Brew ratio: 1:2.7

Coffee: 19g in / 52g out

Extraction time: 24s

Tip: This is a coffee with strong and heavy notes due to its botanics, fermentation and roasting. If you like to emphasize these notes, pull a shorter shot – it could blow your mind! If you prefer to rather balance out these concentrated flavors, pull it a bit longer and enjoy a hint more brightness.

We also recommend brewing El Diviso 180 for filter coffee, if that's something you do at all. Brew, for instance, 13-15g rather finely ground coffee with a Kalita dripper and 250g of water at a water temperature of roughly 93°c.

Our coffee is also available in three different subscriptions: Filter Subscription, Espresso Subscription, Espresso Brazil Subscription.

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