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Mexico Las Chicharras [Filter] 250g

Region:Jaltenango, Chiapas
Farm:Las Chicharras
Altitude: 1600-1650 masl
Aroma Profile:Green tea, verbena, apricot
Roasted for:Filter

CHF 14.50
incl. VAT
Article Nr CO-MEXFI-01-250
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The big Maragogype beans develop a versatile taste profile and remind us of green tea, verbena and apricots. This coffee has earthy, soft and herbal elements with a pleasant acidity and slightly fruity sweetness.

Las Chicharras is one of three farms that belong to the Mexican producer E-Café Chiapas and lies in the border area to Guatemala. The dry mill is located in the city of Comitan. E-Café is a social enterprise and does not only strive to earn money but has also social goals. During our visit to Mexico we learned a lot about the farm, the company and the school, that E-Café operates in Mexico. We also met the pickers, who mostly come from neighbouring Guatemala to harvest the ripe coffee cherries from the trees in the mountainous terrain.

At Las Chicharras, various varieties are cultivated on different lots, separated by zones and altitude. On an ongoing basis, the farm experiments with new varieties and techniques. Recently, for example, tests for raising a Geisha variety were undertaken.

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