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SSP Burr Set 64mm Multi-Purpose Red Speed (Fellow Ode)

SSP Burr Set 64mm Multi-Purpose Red Speed (Fellow Ode)


Burrs: stainless steel, flat, coated, 64 mm

Style: multi-purpose, no interlock design

Ideal for: medium fine to finer pour-over, AeroPress recipes, espresso (not recommended)

Material: stainless steel, titanium aluminum carbon nitride coating (Red Speed)

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SSP is a manufacturer of high-quality burr sets for all sorts of different coffee grinders. The stock burr set of the Fellow Ode grinder allows for a grind between very coarse to rather fine. Sometimes, you may wish to grinder a little finer for your filter brew. This SSP burr set gives you a wider range of grind settings and enables you to go much finer. The SSP burr set allows you to grind up to 200 microns finer than with the Ode stock burrs.

These SSP burrs are a coated version. The coating protects the burrs and increases their lifespan by a factor of 5.

You can technically even grind for espresso with these burrs, although Fellow explicitly states that the grinder is not made for espresso and that it is not recommended to use it to grind for espresso.

During the upgrade, make sure to calibrate the burrs according to the installation instructions by Fellow linked below. After installing the burrs, start by grinding some coffee at the coarsest possible grind setting, before going finer step by step. Before changing the grind setting to a finer setting, make sure the hopper is empty, e.g. grind all coffee contained in the hopper first. The burrs will grind best after about 2-5 kilograms of coffee ground through them.

Please note: The Fellow Ode stock burr set has an outer diameter of 64 mm, which is slightly smaller than the SSP burr set, which measures 64.2 mm. Fellow have updated their manufacturing tolerances to ensure that all Odes produced after a certain date can fit both the SSP design as well as their own burrs. You may experience issues when trying to fit the burr set into an older Ode model.

According to information we received from Fellow, the burr set is only compatible since version 1.1 of the grinder. However, we have successfully upgraded a Fellow Ode 1.0 with it and used it without any issues. That said, we cannot guarantee that the same will work for you. Once you have unboxed the purchased burrs and tried to upgrade your grinder with it, you cannot return it.

Instructions for installation by Fellow

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