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Option-O Lagom Mini Grinder

Option-O Lagom Mini Grinder


Burrs: 48mm «Moonshine», conical, ideal for modern roasting

Grind setting: stepless

Size: 6.5 x 9.5 x 24 cm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Capacity: 20-30 g (depending on beans)

Grind time: 22-30s for 18g (V60 grind)

Motor: DC motor, rated for >600 hours (or >1'200 kg of coffee at filter grind setting)

Voltage: 100V-240V

CHF 455.00
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The Lagom Mini by Australian coffee gear manufactrurer Option-O is equipped with 48mm «Moonshine» burrs suitable for both filter and espresso. It comes with a DC power adapter and a magnetised coffee grounds transfer cup, which allows you to position it perfectly each time – no more spill

The Lagom Mini is extremely compact and light-weight, Option-O even calls it «the most compact electric coffee grinder on the market». All critical parts on the Lagom Mini are carefully selected and manufactured from a mixture of high-strength stainless steel and spacecraft-grade aluminium. Parts are CNC-machined and anodised to provide a premium, luscious and maintenance-free finish. It boasts a low/zero retention design to minimise accumulation of stale coffee and to ensure only fresh coffee ends up in your cup each time.

Do you bring along your grinder when you go on vacations or to the office sometimes – or do you need to take it from one place to another for other reasons? Perhaps the Lagom Mini Carrying Case by Option-O could be useful then.

This grinder is equipped with a double-pole EU plug (type C), which also works in Switzerland without an adapter or converter. This grinder is striclty not made for commercial use.

The price includes the prepaid recycling charge (vRG) of CHF 0.56.

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