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Option-O Lagom P64

Option-O Lagom P64


Burrs: 64mm, flat, ideal for modern roasting

Grind setting: stepless, -0.5 to +3.5mm vertical movement

Size: 21x13x38 cm

Weight: 7.8 kg

Capacity: 40 g (depending on beans)

Motor speed: adjustable RPM from 300 to 1400 RPM

Grind time: 0.8-2.2g/s at espresso-setting

Motor: 300W brushless DC motor

Voltage: 220-240V

Material: 6061-T6 CNC machined, anodised aluminium


  • Lagom P64 grinder with the burrs of your choice
  • integrated portafilter fork (58mm)
  • dosing funnel (58mm)
  • Multipurpose Grind Cup

  • accessories such as dosing cup, WDT tool, RDT (mister) for your convenience
  • power cord (EU type C)

CHF 1'850.00
incl. VAT
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The Lagom P64 by Australian coffee gear manufacturer Option-O is equipped with a 64 mm burr set suitable for both filter and espresso brewing. The grind path and the whole grinder design were optimized to help minimize retention – what's commonly referred to as «zero retention», making the Lagom P64 suitable for on-demand dosing without the need for purging.

The burrs are accessible without using a screwdriver, something we wish many other grinders would offer, too. This makes the burrs and grinding chamber very easy to clean with super quick disassembly. Returning to the prior grind setting is a painless process thanks to the dial.

There are four burr set options available for the Lagom P64. They are all capable of grinding for all brewing methods, but some are better at a certain application than others. Option-O have created a very helpful burr selection guide explaining the differences of the burrs on their FAQ page.

A brushless DC (BLDC) motor can offer up to 3 times the output torque compared to an equivalently-rated AC motor. The Lagom's 300W motor ensures you have enough power regardless of your preferred roast level and brewing method. The RPM of the motor is adjustable based on your preference and needs. Beans can be loaded with the motor running or can be loaded into the grinder before starting the motor.

All critical parts of the grinder are CNC-machined to a tolerance of <10 micron with a flatness tolerance of <5 micron. These parts are all confirmed using industrial CMM (coordinate measuring machine) post-machining – or else they are rejected. No user alignment is necessary. Each unit is thoroughly checked and tested before shipping to ensure its quality. Occasional micro-scratches or cosmetic flaws (not noticeable from a distance of 10cm+) may occur during handling and final quality control.

The motor of the Lagom P64 is designed for decades of service life, the burrs are coated and all parts are of very high quality. These grinders are built to last for a lifetime.

This grinder is equipped with a 2-pole EU plug (type F) and an adapter for Swiss outlets.

Since these grinders are manufactured to order in small runs, your Lagom P64 will be shipped about 6-12 weeks after you place your order.

The price includes the prepaid recycling charge (vRG) of CHF 2.31.

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