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Able Disk Filter for AeroPress

Able Disk Filter for AeroPress

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Able Disk is a reusable filter designed specifically for the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Its stainless steel structure allows for a fuller body and bolder flavors compared to paper filters. It also eliminates the need for access to disposable paper filters and makes it both a sustainable option and an excellent solution if you brew a large amount of coffee daily or are traveling and don't want to bring lots of paper filters with you.

The «Standard» version allows for a fuller body compared to paper filters. Stainless steel does not carry any flavors so the filter has no effect on the taste of your coffee and does not need to be rinsed before brewing. Its thickness is comparable to paper filters, however, its stainless steel structure allows for reliable performance and durability for a long time.

The «Fine» Version is characterised by its arrangement of holes about 30% denser compared to the «Standard» version. It can help you to achieve a sweeter and clearer extraction.

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