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Sibarist FAST Filter

Sibarist FAST Filter

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The FAST paper filters made by Sibarist allow for a drastically faster extraction than the Hario filters, hence the name. With a much faster extraction, you will have completely new possibilities and be able to create different flavor profiles by grinding much finer or using more coffee without overextracting your coffee.

The filters are available in two shapes and one of them is made in two sizes. The newer FLAT FAST filter is «the world's first flat bed filter without waves».

The version CONE FAST is cone-shaped. It is available in size S (similar to Hario's size 01) and M (similar to Hario 02).

The version FLAT FAST is a flat bottom filter. It is available in one size, which is similar to Kalita's size 185.

These filters are available in bags containing 25 or 100 pieces.

In addition to these filter papers, Sibarist have launched a new espresso filter.

These filters are made in Spain near Barcelona by a coffee startup. They are made of 100% organic materials (abaca and pine fibers) and can thus be disposed along with your used coffee grounds in the organic waste or compost bin. The sealed packaging (with zipper, like our coffee bags) guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from suspended particles and therefore flavours from being absorbed.

Sibarist have published a comprehensive booklet about their filters.

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