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Fellow Prismo

Fellow Prismo


Material: stainless steel & plastic
Weight: 26 g

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The Fellow Prismo is a specially designed AeroPress add-on, which turns the device into a portable «espresso machine». Shoot a coffee similar to a real espresso wherever and whenever you want! The Prismo is also compatible with the AeroPress Go.

Prismo obviously cannot substitute a real espresso extracted on a professional espresso machine, however, the results are impressive.

The device consists of a plastic element and a metal filter with 70-micron-diameter holes. There is a small valve mounted inside the spout to prevent leaks before pressing.
Brew Guide:

  1. preheat the Aeropress with the Prismo attached to it with hot water
  2. grind 20 grams of coffee very finely (like for espresso)
  3. discard the water, pour in the coffee, followed by 50-60 ml of hot water (93-96° C)
  4. stir vigorously for 10 seconds
  5. after one minute, place the plunger on a durable cup and plunge

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