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Kalita Wave WDC-185 Dripper Copper

Kalita Wave WDC-185 Dripper Copper


Version: 185 (for 2-4 cups)

Material: Copper

Weight: 227 g

Size: 11.5 x 7.6 cm

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In 2013, the «US Brewers Cup» was won using a Kalita Wave dripper, which resulted in a great boost for Kalita's popularity.

The dripper has a special shape and a flat bottom – as opposed to the popular drippers by Hario or Origami. The Kalita Wave dripper has three small holes in its flat bottom to ensure an even and long extraction of the coffee. The rather large bottom is built to prevent an uneven extraction («channeling»). The inside of the dripper is shaped in order for the paper filter not to stick to the dripper too much.

The dripper is manufactured in the Japanese town of Tsubame, where the production of metal products has reached credits from around the world.

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