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Origami Dripper M

Origami Dripper M


Material: ceramics

Size M: 13.8 x 8.7 cm


  • ceramic dripper, without wooden holder

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The Origami dripper is one of these new items a specialty coffee geek doesn't want to miss out on. The Origami's design helps to stabilise the extraction speed and extract a really clean flavour from the coffee with its vertical gutters. It seems like the best of both the Hario V60 and the Kalita Wave have been combined into just one dripper.

The gutters that look like folded origami are designed to reach a perfect brew speed. Multiple gutters make sure that air can pass between the dripper and the paper filter which regulates the brew time. This enables an extraordinarily clean extraction. With other drippers, the wet filter is often sticking to the dripper while brewing, creating almost sort of a vacuum and thus affecting brew speed.

The dripper is generally dishwasher-safe but it is recommended to wash it by hand, which is done within a few seconds.

The wooden holder for the dripper is not included and has to be purchased separately.

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