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Choba Choba Dark Chocolate Nativo 70%

Choba Choba Dark Chocolate Nativo 70%

An exclusive 80% Nativo chocolate bar made from more than 100 native and rediscovered cacao varieties in the Alto Huayabamba Valley and crafted by one of the best Swiss Chocolate makers. A unique chocolate treasure with a full-bodied, smooth taste, subtle floral notes and dried fruit aromas.

For the aromas of the unique Nativo bar to develop to their fullest, Choba Choba advise exposing the Nativo chocolate to air (open wrapper) for a short time before consumption.

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Agroforestry cacao beans from the Alto Huayabamba Valley - Peru, raw cane sugar from Paraguay, cacao butter from the Dominican Republic. Nothing else.
May contain traces of: milk (including lactose), almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and soy.

Choba Choba is the totally different chocolate manufacturer. The company from Bern has been collaborating with cocoa farmers very closely since 2015 to produce fair, high-quality chocolate in a sustainable way. But that's not enough for the young team: they're implementing a whole new business model, in which all cocoa farmers own a part of the company Choba Choba themselves.

The cocoa used for the delicious chocolate bars comes from small family farms in the villages Pucallpillo and Santa Rosa in the Peruvian Alto Huayabamba valley.

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