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Garçoa Ghana Sronko 75% Organic

Farm:Farm Sronko
Variety:Ghana Forastero
Fermentation:4-5 days on piles, covered with banana leaves
Aroma Profile:classical, round, elegant fruit bouquet

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Cocoa content: 75%

weight: 85 g

Ghana, second largest cocoa producing country in the world, is better known for mass-produced chocolates. But there are also some wonderful cocoa producers in the midst of an unbelievable diversity of flora and fauna, who grow cocoas of the highest quality.


Organic cocoa beans and organic raw cane sugar

Garçoa is a young Swiss start-up with a philosophy that does not seem to be all that different from ours. But they're not in coffee, they're in chocolate. The whole process from bean to bar is done by Fränzi and Andi in small batches. They start by selecting the cocoa by hand, then peel, roast and grind it, add some organic cane sugar and finally pour it into their individually created moulds. They refrain from using any additives. Thus, all the flavor in the chocolate bars comes straight from the cocoa beans and yet – or perhaps because of that – the bar are totally different from each other.

Garçoa are Fränzi and Andi. The two agronomists found their passion for cocoa in Peru and the Ivory Coast. They started at home in their kitchen: cocoa beans were roasted in the oven, chopped up in a nut grinder, the skins were blown off with a hair dryer... at the beginning, everything was very inconvenient. And yet: at the end of the day there was always a delicious aroma in the air. Soon they were building sustainable trade chains for minimal quantities and experimenting with different sizes, thicknesses and surfaces for the bars – and of course, designing the beautiful wrappings.

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