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Maccha Powder

Maccha Powder

Weight: 70 g

Origin: Japan, Kagoshima

Tea variety: Saemidori, Yabukita, Okumidori

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Maccha (or «Matcha») is finely ground green tea. Originally from China, it was introduced to Japan in the fifteenth century and soon became an integral part of Japanese tea ceremonies. Later, it was used more and more in Japanese cuisine and today, Maccha is very popular in Europe, too.

The tea plants are covered with a fine net a few weeks before the harvest, which provides shade and makes the leaves produce more chlorophyll and amino acids. This is how they receive their intense green color and the leaves also become thinner and softer. After only harvesting the small leaves, these are treated with steam and dried afterwards. When fully dried, they are sorted and finally ground to a very fine powder.

All that's needed for the Maccha Latte is Maccha of high quality, finely steamed milk or an alternative – we recommend oat milk – and ideally a Chasen (Maccha whisk) to whisk (use a kitchen whisk or even a small spoon otherwise).

You can add a little bit of sugar, although many people prefer not to – us including. When using high-quality Maccha and brewing with water that is not too hot, your Maccha won't taste overly bitter, but will be bursting with freshness.

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