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Nitro Coffee 250ml 6-pack

Nitro Coffee 250ml 6-pack

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Contains: 6x 250 ml

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It has finally arrived! Cold coffee in cans – without additives, yet it that doesn't go bad. We've got you covered now. Our Nitro Coffee was enhanced with nitrogen by Motel Mini Bar in Berlin to improve storage life. It also adds a unique mouthfeel to the coffee. The result is a third version of cold coffee, in addition to traditional iced coffee and cold brew. And all three are very different.

The beautifully juicy coffee from Mutai Kinyua's Deman Estate in Kenya was brewed as usual with hot water, though in a much bigger size than for a few cups. Right after, it was shock-chilled and canned with nitrogen being added.

During our experiments, this filter roast was a great fit for the nitro coffee. It is a rather special coffee: grown on a single farm and processed using the natural process coffee – what might seem quite normal in other producing countries is quite unusual in Kenya, where washed coffees grown by smallholders are the standard.

The nitrogen makes for a smooth texture, whilst the coffee is still strong and full due to its extraction. And thanks to this coffee's qualities, it tastes wonderfully fruity and juicy. When it comes to caffeine levels, the nitro can keep up – and keeps you up, too. The caffeine content is roughly the same as in regular filter coffee, which is quite something. Best enjoyed ice cold, nitro coffee is a great delight not only during summer months.

The canned coffee can be kept for several months and need to be stored in the refrigerator in order to ensure quality.

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