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Nitro Coffee 250ml 6-pack

Nitro Coffee 250ml 6-pack

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Contains: 6x 250 ml

Did you know that we now also offer a cool fridge with glass-door that comes with a whole lot of Nitro Cofee?

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We believe: Those who enjoy cold brew coffee will love nitro. Cold coffee in cans – shelf-stable and without additives.

This new batch of our nitro coffee was brewed with Nano Challa, a washed Ethiopian coffee, and shock-chilled right after. Nitrogen was added for shelf-life and a smooth mouthfeel while the coffee was canned and has since been stored refrigerated.

Nitro Coffee is pure, cold coffee, super balanced in taste with a subtle, nuanced acidity. We believe that those who enjoy cold brew coffee will love nitro. But we also believe nitro could be just the type of cold coffee for those coffee freaks, who are not all too keen on cold brew coffee. Thanks to the extraction with hot, as opposed to cold water in the case of cold brew, we are able to extract some flavors that cold brew is lacking. The result, to us, is juicier, less flat, more nuanced and more complex. The nitrogen adds a smooth, soft texture to the drink. Caffeine levels are comparable to a hot filter coffee of the same size, which means it's definitely able to wake you up. Whether on a sunny terrace, at the pool, as a pre-workout drink before exercising at the gym, or even in winter on the ski slope: There's never a wrong time for nitro.

The cans are shelf-stable for several months if stored refrigerated. We recommend to briefly shake the can before opening, wait for 20 seconds to avoid splashing, and then serve the coffee in a glass, perhaps on ice, or drink it right out of the can.

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