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Peak Water Filter Starter Kit

Peak Water Filter Starter Kit


Material: bpa-free plastic, recyclable and regenerable filters
Capacity: 1.2 l (filtered), total 2.4 l
Size: 30x11x22.5 cm
Weight: 1.34 kg
CHF 59.00
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Article Nr EQ-PEAST-01
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Suitable water is essential to brew good coffee – it makes up 90-98% of the brewed coffee we drink! It is not too complicated to improve water quality at home, but better water can improve the flavor of your coffee significantly. The Peak Starter Kit can help you achieve this. It Includes a jug, a filter (Precision) and two water test kits.

After testing the water with a test kit, you can adjust the filter to the desired level. That way, you will ensure to allow only the preferred ratio of minerals in the water to pass through the filter.

The jug, designed and made in the UK, features a slim and modern design and fits into almost any fridge. If you already have a Peak water filter jug, you'll find the suitable filters here.

Precision Filter

Filtration is conducted with high-quality dual-ion resins, that adjust the minerals, and activated carbon, which removes unwanted organic compounds and chlorine.

The performance varies from place to place depending on your water. In a moderate to hard water area, you can expect to get around 60-80 liters or more out of one Precision filter. It is recommended to change the filters at least every other month.

Endurance Filter

Filtration is conducted utilising a cat ion resin which, in combination with the Peak Water Bypass System, allows for regulation of the alkalinity in the water. The Endurance-Filter lowers the total mineral content resp. TDS value («total dissolved solids») of the water to a lesser degree than the Precision filter, but allows for alkalinity control whilst maintaining a significantly longer life and number of liters filtered. This filter also contains activated carbon to treat contaminants in the source water as well as a sodium buffer to stabilize pH.

Peak Water Filters are designed to be fully recyclable. The resin inside each filter is infinitely regenerable and can be washed and recharged, ready for future use. It loses no performance in this process and actually gets more efficient as it's re-used. The cleaning and regeneration procedure are conducted by a professional service.

Returned filters are disassembled in England, but you do not have to send them to the UK one by one. Instead, you can simply hand them over at our café or roastery or send them back to us by mail. We will collect them until we have a reasonable amount of filters and send them to the UK with climate neutral shipping.

The plastic cases are then recycled for use in other products, the biodegradable carbon is separated and the resin is washed and regenerated. The recharged resin is then used to fill brand new Peak Water Filters. Read more about it here.

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