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We're hiring

Categories: Café
Tags: Team

As of 1st of July 2020 or 1st of August 2020 we are looking to hire two people, each for a 20-50% hourly salary position, to support us as Specialty Coffee Barista in the café. We are looking for a good match to work closely with us. It is important that you have high social competencies, work in a precise manner and put a lot of importance on quality. We need someone, who wants to learn more about Specialty Coffee or who already knows a lot about it and can share that knowledge with our customers.

If you feel like we are addressing you, please send us your CV and your ideas regarding hours and workload via email and we'll get in touch with you.

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Categories: Café
Tags: News
We find ourselves in difficult times. The coronavirus has drastically changed our day-to-day life. Less than two weeks after opening our café at Eigerplatz, we've already had to (temporarily) close it again. Reason enough, to throw everything we've got into our online store to cover part of the costs we have. We've taken the following measures in regards to the coronavirus.
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Café Opening

Categories: Café, Events
Tags: Features
On the 6th of March we opened our café in Bern. It was a nice and long Friday and we were impressed by the number of people who came to see our café on the first day of operation! Thank you for coming by and thanks for all the good wishes and gifts!
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Visit to Mexico

Categories: Travel Reports
Tags: Mexico
Shortly after Christmas we travelled to Mexico to get to know the country and people and to evaluate a possible cooperation with a coffee producer. Already more than 6 months earlier we discovered E-Café Chiapas on Instagram, a reasonably small producer with three own farms and a processing site. E-Café Chiapas also works with very small coffee farmers who operate microlots. And they produced one of the winning coffees for the Cup of Excellence Mexico 2018 with a cupping score of 89.6.
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