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At Drip Roasters, we follow a set of values. We consider sustainable production and processing as well as fair and as direct as possible trade a basic responsibility. The prices we pay for coffee are always higher (often drastically) than the Fairtrade minimum price. We don't jet around the world all the time to find new coffees. Instead, we try to visit all the farms we work with every couple of years to foster those relationships and see the social and environmental conditions on the farms with our own eyes. We always try to combine those trips with vacation or other trips. The report of our last trip can be found on the blog.


Drip Roasters is a micro roastery for specialty coffee founded in Bern, Switzerland. We follow a roast philosophy which highlights the aromas specific to certain regions and coffee varieties. We achieve this by adapting our roast profiles for each coffee and generally roasting our coffees light. A fully integrated roasting program allows us to capture and analyse all relevant variables such as temperature, time, gas pressure or drum speed during the roasting process.

About us

About us

Drip Roasters was founded in mid-2018 by the brothers Dennys and Fabian Schmid in the city’s Northern part. Quality and sustainability are important to us. That is why we exclusively roast high-quality and sustainable coffees for you. We have been studying coffee for the last few years through professional experience, educational courses, hours of research and practical trial and error. Coffee is an unbelievably complex and exciting topic, which offers endless facts, tricks and secrets to be discovered. We hope we can share our enthusiasm for coffee with you.

Why «Drip»?

The word drip relates to a way of preparing coffee (e.g. hand drip), that we particularly like and want to emphasize. It is often used as a synonym with filter coffee. However, hand drip usually differs a lot from what some might know as filter coffee, like the one you get with a free refill at an American diner. Hand drip coffee is a simple way of preparing your favourite beverage. If good quality beans are used and the extraction is done properly, the result can be astonishing. Our focus lies on the individual flavor of each coffee, which is best demonstrated if the coffee is not roasted too long or too hot. We want to show our customers the huge variety of coffee. Therefore, you will find new coffees from time to time at our café.

Find us


Zikadenweg 7

3006 Bern

+41 31 521 80 05
Wed: 9-17
Thu-Tue: not open

Please note that the roastery is only open for picking up online orders as well as buying coffee and coffee gear on Wednesdays between 9:00 and 17:00.

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