Roastery closed in week 42 Order deadline before: Oct 7 (shipped Oct 9). Next deadline after: Oct 23 (shipped Oct 25). We will neither roast nor ship in between.
Free shipping within all of Switzerland and Liechtenstein for orders containing 5 or more bags of coffee. Shipping to EU starting at CHF 12. More about shipping here.
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Our Roasting Philosophy

When it comes to roasting, our philosophy can be summarized as follows:

  • We roast in a way to accentuate each coffee's individual characteristics.

  • We put an emphasis on balanced roasts with pronounced acidity, lots of sweetness and aromatic nuances.

  • We want our roasts to be free from any burnt or smoky flavors.

  • We strive to avoid any roast defects such as underdevelopment, scorching, tipping, baking or others.

  • We differentiate between filter and espresso roasts and decide which of the two to optimize each coffee for. However, the differences we make between a filter and an espresso roast are typically not huge and most roasts are suitable for both and can be enjoyed either way.

  • We exclusively source specialty-grade green coffee which we evaluate to be of a very good quality, free from defects, sourced transparently and grown sustainably.

Though we offer a few coffees throughout the year that taste a little bit more unusual and can perhaps be labelled «competition coffees», the majority of our offer consists of coffees that are affordable and which can be consumed every day. Most of our coffees are thus sold for less than CHF 20 per bag.

As you may have noticed, we find it hard to talk about roasting philosophy without talking about coffee sourcing. Our roasting philosophy goes hand in hand with our sourcing model, which you can read more about here.