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Single Origin

The beans for each of our coffees originate from one single farm or co-operative where they were grown, dried and washed. We do not mix them with beans of other origins – we do not do blends. Instead, we only buy coffees that convince by themselves, without having to hide their flavours by mixing with other coffees.

Light Roasts

Our coffees are roasted lighter than traditionally or commercially roasted coffee. With a lighter roast, the unique flavours of a specific coffee are accentuated, which vary by region, variety and many other factors. If coffee is roasted too dark, it loses this specific aroma profile and mostly just tastes of roasting flavours.


We strive for transparency across the whole coffee supply chain. When purchasing green coffee, fair agreements, direct trade contracts and transparent price structures are crucial to us. Instead of relying on certifications, we count on relationships with real people. The prices we pay for green coffee are always higher than the minimum fair trade price.


It goes without saying that we have to spare the earth's resources and behave ecologically – both privately and in business. This begins with the cooperation with producers who make use of resources in a sustainable fashion and support biodiversity and ends with an efficient use of resources and optimizing recycling processes and packaging.


At the Drip Roasters Café located right at Eigerplatz in Bern (Belpstrasse 69) you will find freshly roasted specialty coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, something to snack and a cozy place to relax. Depending on your preferences, we prepare your coffee as hand drip or with our Synesso espresso machine. As an alternative to cow milk, we offer plant-based milks without a surcharge. We have pastries and, if you need a small meal, we prepare an avocado toast for you. Whether for your coffee break, to come work on your laptop, for a coffee after lunch, or for a beer with friends – we are looking forward to your visit!


We have been roasting selected specialty coffees since 2018, available in our online store as well as in a selection of stores, restaurants and cafés. At the beginning of 2021, we moved our roastery to a new location in the lower Galgenfeld area of the city. We have more space and an improved infrastructure, that allows us to grow sustainably. Here, we have continued what started in the city's Breitenrain neighborhood: We experiment with countless roast and brew recipes and taste lots of different coffees to offer you only the best of them. Only the coffees that fulfil our high expectations regarding taste and quality find their ways into the bag or cup.


Kenya is one of the coffee growing countries we focus on: We plan on buying three different coffees from the East African country. Coffees from Kenya are rather popular in the world of specialty coffee and we can hardly get enough of the often very juicy, vibrant yet clean, complex and crisp coffees ourselves. But, of course, it is not possible to describe the flavor profile of a whole country's coffees in just a few words. Not all coffees grown in Kenya, but many of them are sweet, have a pronounced citric acidity, notes of stone fruits, berries, rhubarb, tomatoes at times...

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Swiss Coffee Connection

September 23-24, 2023

Espace SEV52, Lausanne

Coffea Berna

August 27, 2023

Turnhalle PROGR, Bern

Sommerfest 2023

August 5, 2023

Drip Roasters Café, Belpstrasse 69, Bern