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We're hiring

Categories: Café
Tags: Team
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Job Posting

As of 1st of July 2020 or 1st of August 2020 we are looking to hire two people, each for a 20-50% hourly salary position, to support us as Specialty Coffee Barista in the café. We are looking for a good match to work closely with us. It is important that you have high social competencies, work in a precise manner and put a lot of importance on quality. We are looking for someone who is fluent in Swiss German or German, who wants to learn more about Specialty Coffee or who already knows a lot about it and can share that knowledge with our customers.

20-50% means approximately two shifts of 6 hours per week, which can vary in length. Shift schedules are always published in advance. Therefore, working hours can be planned well, however, a bit of flexibility to cover sickness or other absences would be desired.

If you feel like we are addressing you, please send us your CV and your ideas regarding hours and workload to and we'll get in touch with you.

Job description

  • Prepare and serve hand drip coffee and espresso beverages (incl. Latte Art)

  • Prepare and serve other beverages and simple dishes

  • Customer service and communication

  • Cashier and end of day reporting

  • Independently open/close the café

  • Take over single shifts

  • Refill shelves, report low stock or order new stock directly

  • Cleaning in the café (coffee machine, tables, chairs, floor, toilets, etc.)

  • Cover holiday and sickness absences

Job conditions

  • Modern work space

  • Contact with customers

  • Opportunity to learn more about Specialty Coffee

  • Competitive salary and social benefits

  • Irregular working hours, shift schedules provided in advance. Some flexibility to cover short term absences required.

Due to the current uncertainty it is impossible to make definite plans.