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Costa Rica La Angostura [Filter] 250g


100% · Fairtrade Minimum
220% · Quality Bonus
We paid an FOB of $5.12/lb for this coffee, which is 320% of the Fairtrade minimum price.
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Costa Rica La Angostura [Filter] 250g

Costa Rica, San José
La Angostura de León Cortés, Tarrazú
Micro Beneficio La Angostura
Arleen & Maria Jimenez
1700-1710 masl
Red Catuai
Yellow Honey
Flavor profile:
Plum, caramel, red apple
Roasted for:

CHF 17.50
incl. VAT
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This new coffee in our offer was produced in the beautiful, mountainous region of Tarrazú. This is the second coffee from Costa Rica after quite some time without any coffees from the land of pura vida.

When we visited the farm in early 2022, the two sisters Arleen and Maria (or Lidey, how they call Maria as well) and their father Mario were very welcoming and showed us every aspect of the production. They are very organized and keep track of every lot during processing and drying. During the harvest season, 15 people are employed to help with picking. Apart from that, all the work throughout the year is done by the family.

After harvesting the cherries, they are depulped with the Ecopulper – an important tool for the family, as it allows them to define the amount of mucilage that is being removed before fermentation and drying.

When drying the coffee, they ensure that it is moved with high frequency to ensure even drying. On the first day, they lay out the coffee in a thin layer and constantly keep an eye on it. Next, they distribute the coffee in slightly thicker layers to slow down drying a little bit. This usually happens on the third day. The coffee is then moved hourly until the sun sets in order to be able to consistently dry it. During the hottest hours of the day, they cover the coffee so it's not exposed to too much direct heat. The whole drying process takes about 12-15 days. After that, the resulting parchment coffee is put into plastic bags to rest for two months, before it's being dry-milled to get rid of the parchment layer.

The coffee lot we bought from Micro Beneficio La Angostura is called «Lote Guachipelin» and is from the part of their land that they call «Finca Donde Lidey». Lidey is how they refer to Maria within the family.

Arleen and Maria want people to know how much hard work goes into the production of coffee and they want consumers to understand that producing coffee costs a lot of money, too. They are very active in the local coffee community and work closely with Bean Voyage, through whom we were able to source this coffee. Bean Voyage is a feminist non-profit social enterprise on a mission to eradicate the gender gap in farming communities. We got in touch with Sunghee Tark, co-founder and CEO of Bean Voyage, just a few months before our trip to Costa Rica and we soon knew that we would be working together. Learn more about Bean Voyage on their website.

At the first Womxn-POWERed Coffee Summit, organized by Bean Voyage, the Jimenez sisters were both speakers. They also contributed to «Más que un café», a participatory documentary consisting of short films. Along with three other female coffee producers from Costa Rica, they reveal what it means – and what it takes – to produce coffee in an industry that often makes them invisible. The short films can be rented here at a small fee.

The sisters went to university, but decided to keep working in coffee instead of spending their days at an office in the city, like many of their friends do. They prefer working on the farm and getting up at 6 every morning and are convinced that coffee can offer them a good life if they make sure the quality is good – which they do.

The coffee is very sweet and balanced and we find notes of various stone fruits and caramel – to us, it's a great morning coffee.

Brewing Recommendation

We like to brew this coffee with a rather simple recipe, using 18 grams of coffee ground at a medium filter grind size (around 19-21 clicks on the Comandante) and 300ml of water at 93°c. After a 35s-bloom with 50g of water, we pour to a total of 160g of water and at 1:15 we pour the remaining water, ending at 300g. Total extraction time is around 2:35-2:50.
Our coffee is also available in three different subscriptions: Filter Subscription, Espresso Subscription, Espresso Brazil Subscription.

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