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Ethiopia Nano Challa [Filter] 250g


100% · Fairtrade Minimum
147% · Quality Bonus
We paid an FOB of $3.95/lb for this coffee, which is 247% of the Fairtrade minimum price.
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Ethiopia Nano Challa [Filter] 250g

Ethiopia, Jimma
Genji Challa, Gera
Kata Muduga
Nano Challa Cooperative
1980-2100 masl
Flavor profile:
Lemon, bergamot, raspberry
Roasted for:

CHF 17.50
incl. VAT
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Nano Challa is well known in the world of specialty coffee and stands for clean, clear, beautifully fruity, floral and tea-like washed Ethiopian coffees. This hasn't always been the case. The Nano Challa Cooperative was founded in 2004 in order to produce specialty coffee in a region not previously linked with high quality coffee. Nowadays, over 600 producers collaborate within the cooperative, which itself is part of the Kata Muduga Union.

As is very typical in Ethiopia, various indigenous heirloom varieties are grown on the fields in this mountainous scenery. The coffee is grown on an altitude of approx. 2000 meters above sea in the Jimma zone, named after the formed kingdom with the same name and part of the Oromia region.

The ripe coffee cherries are picked from the trees, collected and sorted to remove unripe cherries or defects. Next, the pulp is removed mechanically and the beans are put into tanks for the next 40-50 hours for a wet fermentation. Once the fermentation is done, they wash the beans again and remove floaters. Drying is first done on raised beds in the shade for 24 hours, before it is completed in the sun during 7-10 days, all the while further sorting is taking place.

The final result of all that hard work is a wonderfully balanced cup with a juicy acidity and notes of citrus, berries and a beautiful floral fragrance.

Brewing Recommendation

We often brew this coffee with the Hario v60 dripper and the Hario filters, both in size 02. We use 18 grams of coffee and 300 grams of water at 95°. We're happy with an extraction time of up to 3 minutes or even a few seconds more. On the Comandante, we grind at about 22 clicks and we bloom the coffee with 50g of water for 45 seconds. After that, we pour up to 120g total, followed by three additional pours at 1:00 (180g), 1:30 (240g) and 1:55 (300g).
Our coffee is also available in three different subscriptions: Filter Subscription, Espresso Subscription, Espresso Brazil Subscription.

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