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Kenya Ngurueri [Filter] 250g


100% · Fairtrade Minimum
186% · Quality Bonus
We paid an FOB of $4.58/lb for this coffee, which is 286% of the Fairtrade minimum price.
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Kenya Ngurueri [Filter] 250g

Kenya, Embu
Washing station:
Ngurueri Factory
Murue FCS
1760 masl
SL-28, Ruiru 11, Batian, SL-34
Flavor profile:
Lavender, red currant, apple
Roasted for:

CHF 18.00
incl. VAT
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Article Nr CO-KENFI-04-250
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The Ngurueri Factory was built in the late 1970s on the southeastern slopes of Mounty Kenya to serve as a processing plant for farmers from Ngurueri, Kavutiri and Kianjokoma. The Murue Farmers Cooperative Society (Murue FCS), to which the factory belongs, supports its members with training, documentation and consulting and is well-known for producing excellent coffees. About 25 people work at the factory during harvest, three of them are permanent employees who work there year-round.

When purchasing coffee from Kenya, Vava Coffee, a certified B Corp founded by Vava Angwenyi in 2008, is usually our partner of choice. We also purchased this coffee through Vava. The social enterprise is committed to contributing to better future prospects for both local communities and the coffee industry as a whole. Vava Coffee’s vision is to challenge the status quo and promote positive social and economic disruption within the coffee industry. Thanks to Vava's passion, many coffee farmers are able to earn their income in a sustainable way.

In the scope of the organization Gente del Futuro, Vava runs a coffee school on the small island of Lamu off the Kenyan coast. The school allows youths and young adults to participate in various SCA courses and obtain internationally recognized certifications, while also receiving additional training. In the fall of 2022, the school has also opened its own café named «La Dulce Toro», where the students can put into action what they learned, whilst being supported by experienced coffee professionals. There's a beautiful video, which offers some impressions of La Dulce Toro. Participation at the school is free and available to a limited number of participants. It is funded through contributions to Gente del Futuro, which we also support financially with part of the money collected through both our customers' contributions via our online store as well as the percentage of our annual revenues.

This coffee has floral notes and it is sweet and fruity. When sipping it, we think of red berries, citrus fruit, apricots and red apples. A soft and juicy coffee with a lot of elegance.

Brewing Recommendation

We recommend to let this coffee sit for about two weeks before brewing, more so than many other coffees. We prefer to grind it on the coarser side, e.g. 22 clicks on the Comandante, and brew it with a cone-shaped filter, such as Origami or Hario.

We keep turbulence low and choose a recipe with more pours with smaller amounts per pour, for example like this:

18g coffee, 300g water at 93°c, Hario paper filter 02, Origami Dripper M

00:00 Pour 50g of water, stir slightly with spoon
00:30 pour another 100g
00:55 pour another 50g
01:10 pour another 50g
01:30 pour another 50g
01:45 swirl lightly

Extraction time: around 2:35

Our coffee is also available in three different subscriptions: Filter Subscription, Espresso Subscription, Espresso Brazil Subscription.

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